Anthony Portelli


Dr. Anthony James Portelli has been at the University of Reading since 2005 after graduating from Barton Peveril College. He started PlayRobots Ltd whilst simultaneously pursuing his PhD in Computer Science with two colleagues from his graduating class of 2009 of the University of Reading with a view to develop a line of inexpensive robotic toys for those wishing to learn about robotics and programming and robotics. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and a Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics. His PhD was

Currently he is working as a post doctoral research fellow on continuing the development of non-contact quick application bio-potential electrodes and novel BCIs. His research interests include Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI), novel sensor technologies and signal processing techniques.



In my nine years at the University of Reading I have published papers in various conferences, currently in the process of writing papers for international journals,  held several technical positions, was selected to compete in SET for Britain, was awarded a post-doctoral prize fellowship from the EPSRC and contributed to the construction of the Brain Embodiment Lab in Systems engineering run by Professor Slawomir Nasuto. I believe my time in Reading has been greatly beneficial to my professional and personal development and I will be sad to leave but at the expiration of my Post-doctoral fellowship at the end of June I am looking forward to new challenges.