Single Octave Piano Touch Panel Test
One of our earlier projects involved the design and implementation of an embedded touch tablet device that is able to track a users touch and speak relevant information about a subject that is present on the swell paper overlay placed on top of the panel. The swell paper is used to be able to provide tactile feedback to a visually impaired user. The above demo was constructed to show the efficacy of a simple overlay implemented on a PIC microprocessor. For more information about this project please see here


P300 Brain Computer Interface
Anthony Portelli organised a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) event at the University of Reading which was hosted by the company g.Tec to show and train users in how to successfully train and operate the g.USB device to perform P300 experimentation. The above video shows Dr. Portelli attempting to spell his moniker “AJ” using the BCI. For more information on the work we have been conducting using bio-potentials please see this page


Basic EMG Signal Classification
Using EMG signals to open and close a prosthetic hand.


Rapid-Prototype Pseudo Prosthetic Demonstrated with PlayRobots Servo Controller

A rapid-prototyped 3d hand based on the inMoov robot as a preliminary attempt at a prosthetic implementation